While the video shows us a professional changing a truck’s trailer tire, there are instances in which a driver requires semi truck roadside towing. Flat or shredded tires might not rate such accommodation, but other circumstances do.

When Do Semi Trucks Require a Tow?

We’ve all seen truckers atop their trucks fixing something under the hood. If the trucker can’t fix it, he’ll need to be towed to a repair facility.

Trucks need a couple of football fields’ worth of space to stop if they’re driving at speed. Those fields aren’t always available, so a crash is often the result.

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After all the medical attention is past, the truck will need a tow to either a repair place or the trucking company yard.

Getting stuck is a headache. The trailer might not have the clearance for a bridge, for instance. The truck could slide due to wet weather or mud and a moving load gets it slung into a ditch. A semi truck roadside towing vehicle is strong enough to get him out.

After the driver moves his truck safely off the road, calling a roadside assistance company is the safest and smartest thing to do.



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