Replacing shock absorbers on a car is an important maintenance task that can improve ride comfort and handling.

This job takes 6 min each side and saves you a lot of money if you do it yourself! The video shows that change the shocks you need a few sockets, and a torque wrench, and that is basically it! If you are unfamiliar with car maintenance, shock replacement on a car might be a difficult task but it can be done swiftly and efficiently if you have the correct equipment and instructions. Put the emergency brake on and park the vehicle in a flat place. Lift the car off the ground using a jack, then support it with jack stands.

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From the side where the shock absorber will be replaced, remove the wheel. Find the bolt holding the shock absorber to the automobile and remove it. The old shock absorber should be removed after removing the top mounting bolt from the shock absorber. Reverse the previous steps to put in the new shock absorber. For the other side of the car, repeat the procedure. To ensure that the shock replacement is working properly, return the car to the ground and test drive. Always refer to your car’s manual before completing any maintenance work, and put on the proper protective gear, including gloves and eyewear.



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