Auto repair specialists know exactly what signs to look out for that indicate a problem. It’s particularly important to look out for signs that a car needs brake repairs, to keep drivers, passengers, and passengers safe. This video explores several symptoms drivers can look out for that should prompt them to see a mechanic.

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Drivers who notice unusual sounds when braking should make a call to their local, trusted repair shop. These sounds might be grinding, scraping, or squeaking, which could all indicate damage to the pads.

On that note, if a driver can see that the brake pads appear thin or heavily worn, that’s a sign that a visit to the auto repair shop is essential. A brake pad, visible through gaps in the car’s wheel, shouldn’t be thinner than one-quarter inch.

Some cars have wear indicators built into the brakes. Keeping an eye on that can help drivers book repairs at the right time.

Brake dust is normal. Wheels that don’t accumulate brake dust are a red flag that the brake pads are worn out. The cleaner the wheels, the more likely the brakes need repairing.

Finally, any unusual vibrations in the car could indicate issues with the brakes. Keeping an eye on these symptoms helps keep everyone safer on the roads.


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