Spark plugs play a crucial role in the performance of a Mercedes engine. It is pertinent to use the correct quality and grade Mercedes spark plug to prevent damage to the engine. As the Youtube video “Classic Mercedes Benz spark plugs are not equal, here’s the best” suggests, not all spark plugs are equal when it comes to Mercedes Benz.

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The Mercedes-Benz owner’s manual indicates that OEM spark plugs are the best spark plugs to use in this vehicle’s engine. These spark plugs are designed to provide a good burning pattern. In turn, it’ll provide excellent fuel economy for the car. These spark plugs will work on all classes and engine sizes of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. The owner’s manual also lists the recommended spark plugs for Mercedes. 

The NGK Iridium IX is a Japanese spark plug that works well in this European car. These plugs have proven to be a reliable, long-lasting product. There are specific spark plugs to avoid using on a Mercedes, such as four-prong plugs. These are incompatible with a Mercedes and will likely cause the check-engine lights to come on. These plugs could also cause the vehicle to misfire or reduce the fuel consumption of the Mercedes. .


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