In this video, the presenter details the maintenance you should do on a fourth-generation Dodge Ram 1500. His systematic approach to ram service helps viewers to make sure common problem areas all get reviewed.

Among the first things to routinely need fixing or replacing after the 100,000-mile mark is the vehicle’s lights. The presenter advises looking at all of the truck’s lights, inside and out, to see what’s still working, and what needs to be updated.

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He then moves onto checking the emergency brake to make sure it works properly and still has pressure. Opening the hood, he highlights the importance of assessing the spark plugs and PCV valve. These are components that are anticipated to need replacing after roughly 100,000 miles.

Another important thing to look at under the hood is the engine coolant. Anticipated to last roughly 150,000 miles, the engine coolant can be checked visually and tested with a test kit you can purchase at any auto parts store. The next step is to look at the hoses leading off the coolant and their clamps.

Overall, this video is very beneficial for truck owners who want to keep their well-used vehicles running smoothly.



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